PH7 Premium Hair Wax
PH7 Premium Hair Wax

PH7 Premium Hair Wax

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Ph7 Premium Hair Wax provides the most balanced hair wax on the market.

Perfect Balance of a light texture vs strong hold
With a whipped creamy light texture that melts into your hair to create strong yet flexible style.  Our wax holds strong, smells amazing and washes out with one wash to bring you the #perfectbalance

Healthy Scalp Care
Our active ingredients help to prevent hair loss and keeps your scalp healthy. 

Created By You
Through our research, we have realised what elements make up a good hair wax product and have displaced the elements that don't.

We've achieved this by reading through countless reviews of other competitor products and understand what you, the customer, does not like (sticky residue, greasy, hard to wash out, weak hold, bad smell just to name a few). 

Find your #PERFECTBALANCE with PH7.

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